Perfection In Location

Being set in the luxuriant foothills of the magnificent Takun Hill on the fringe of Templer’s Park Forest Reserve, which is known for its tropical flora and fauna, Gao Feng Yuan provides you with an unmatched opportunity to embrace – for a lifetime – nature in all its glory. To top it off, it is only 17km or a 20-minute drive away from the popular landmark of Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC).

An exclusive suburban community of 60 families is to take shape in a piece of land of 30.67 acres in size. The limit of 60 deluxe bungalows, ranging from 8,000 to 14,600 square feet a unit, is the commitment to ensure that the area remains densely forested and sparsely populated in accordance with our aim of giving the proud owners uniquely nature-filled lifestyle of ‘Living in the Woods’ complete with modern luxury of ultimate quality.


Without a doubt, the ideal location of Gao Feng Yuan certainly deserves to be matched with virtuosity in contemporary architecture.

From the smallest to the biggest unit, whether it is the open-jungle or the courtyard-within-courtyard concept, every unit has aesthetically landscaped exteriors and tastefully designed interiors. A courtyard garden complete with swimming pool surrounded by formidable granite walls of extra height is to be one of the common features. That not only gives your abode an air of grandeur, but also provides privacy and security of the highest degree. The emphasis of the interior is on space maximisation to optimally tap the energy provided by the natural surroundings.

Our commitment has always been to create a harmonious balance between the environment and modern living to make it a low-density area also means that the location will remain densely forested with more than 50% of the designated land untouched and preserved in its natural state. This, ultimately, is to ensure that the resident, being part of the premier and exclusive community of Gao Feng Yuan, will fully enjoy good health and abundant happiness, in harmony with nature. This is what out “Living in the Woods” is all about.