This unique feature no other place in the country can offer; with bungalows set in the luxuriant foothills of Takun Hill, residents will experience not one, but three cascading waterfalls all around them. Being in the midst of these spectacularly designed pieces of natural art, residents will be able to set their daily rhythms to that of cascading waters, to enrich their days and soothe their nights and even to set their imagination free, to draw inspiration, and to face challenges head-on.

More importantly, being this close to the waterfalls mean that residents of Gao Feng Yuan are able to enjoy a happier and healthier life. It is a scientific fact that falling water has the ability to split normally neutral particles in the air to free up negative ions. An area with a high concentration of negative ions is scientifically proven to bring various positive effects. Certainly, nature is good for the mind, body, and soul and on this premier piece of property, there is an abundance of that.